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Southern California Local Bands

To be listed on this webpage, a band must meet the following conditions:
  1. The band MUST be an ORIGINAL band (not a cover/tribute).
  2. The band MUST be from Southern California.
  3. The band MUST have a website.  Can't afford a real website with your own domain name?  You can one for FREE from or  Do it!
  4. The band MUST have at least two of their songs online in MP3 or other form.  Can't afford to stream your music online?  See item 3 above.
  5. The band MUST be METAL, not some funk/reggaetón/salsa/grunge/country/jazz/alternative fusion band with minuscule elements of Metal mixed in.
  6. The band MUST be on active performance status; the band has to have played a show within a year's time.
If you are in a band that meets the above conditions, please send in some information on your band, no more than 80 words, which I will put underneath the link to your band's website.  BANDS WILL BE REMOVE that are inactive after 1 year (no shows, no news, officially broken up, etc).

If your band was removed and your band is still active, simply send an email to with your band's recent activity and a bio update (no more than 80 words).

Bands recently added:
- Death Is Eternal
- Lazarus Casket
- Abysmal Dawn
- Morbid Eclipse
- Slanderus
- Order Through Blood
- Inhuman Atrocities
- Severis
- Kantation
- Blakenstein
- Gravespell
- Syrebris
- Mysidia
- Hazardous Terror
- Mojave Green
- Ironklad
- Resomation
- Novareign
- Ancient Spell
- Invador
- Maxxxwell Carlisle
- Enrot
- The Veil Between
- Age Of Insanity
- Fiar

ABYSMAL DAWN (updated 08-16-2014)
Abysmal Dawn strikes the perfect balance between extreme songwriting and exceptional skill with an infectious blend of technical yet memorable riffs, throat shredding vocals, and crushing rhythms delivered with machine gun precision.  With Obsolescence, Abysmal Dawn unleash a veritable beast of a record and the perfect example of what 21st century death metal should sound like.  The album was produced by Mike Bear at Artisan Road and mixed and mastered by John Haddad at Trench Studios. 

ANCIENT SPELL (added 03-30-2013, checked 06-18-2014)
Ancient Spell is a Los Angeles based band comprised of local musicians Conrad Viz on Guitars/Vocals, Jeff Clark on Bass and Norm Rodriguez on Drums.  They have come together to bring forth yet another forging of Metal.  Influenced by many genres of music, they have one common style they have a true passion for, Heavy Metal.  Inspired by classic, thrash, doom, and power metal, they each bring their talents to the table and create a Heavy wall of sound.  For more information on Ancient Spell, click here.

A PIECE OF THE ACTION (added 11-20-2011, checked 06-18-2014)
A Piece Of The Action was started by Adam Morales in January 2009 with the idea of getting together some of the best musicians and friends anyone could ever ask for.  In his search, guitarist Steve Castellanos, his long time friend had joined the lineup.  Steve and Adam had shared the stage together before in the band known as Soverbia.  Later guitarist Andy Olson, from Minot North Dakota, moved to LA and found that A.P.O.T.A. was holding auditions for an additional guitarist.  He came down, and was the perfect fit.

In the following months bassist Dale Rosales, Adam's long time friend from High School, quickly stepped in.  Dale, prior to joining A.P.O.T.A., used to be in a band known as Doja with Adam's older brother.  With the best fans a band could ask for, several tours under their belts, an astounding sound, and the desire to conquer the world, A Piece Of The Action continues to write and record music that makes the ears cheer that there is a metal band out there that is unlike any other.

ASHENTIDE (added 04-17-2012, checked 06-18-2014)
Ashentide is a female-fronted symphonic metal band from Los Angeles.  Born of a deep love for symphonic metal, Ashentide combines heavy, driving distortion, haunting vocals, and lush symphonic arrangements to create a unique, fantastical experience.  Ashentide's original music, influenced by everything from Beethoven to traditional folk music to black metal, unites the brutal and the beautiful with rich harmonies and wrenching riffs.  Debut EP is out now and is available as a free download at

AVANT GUARDIAN (added 05-28-2011)
Progressive/Power metal from Los Angeles.  The band's lyrical concepts include anything from social issues, to personal struggles.  Their sound consists of a powerful rhythm section with fast and technical drums, intricate bass lines, classically influenced guitar riffs and melodies, and powerful vocals along with backing harmonies.  Some of their influences include Stratovarius, Angra, Symphony X, Dream Theater, Helloween and many more.  2011 began with their new talent and line up in place.  Debut E.P on the way.  Give Avant Guardian a listen.  They appreciate your continued support.  For more information on Avant Guardian, visit them at Facebook.

ALL GODS KILL (added 05-28-2011)
All Gods Kill represent something new in music.  They are a group of individuals that were not happy with the state of the music industry and music as a whole.  They joined together and created the band "all gods kill" in hopes that we can create music that would not only stand out as different than the current "norm" but also inspire other musicians/bands to create new and relative music.  They are currently writing material for their album and will be filming a video soon.

For more information on All Gods Kill, visit them at or Reverbnation.

ARKAIK (updated 11-21-2011, checked 06-18-2014)
The manifestation of Arkaik began with the intent to create the most versatile and original sound in existence, using only the most intense, extreme and passionate influences.  Caring not for the generic mediocrity that plagues the majority of all genres these days, they have fiercely sought after a sound that places them far above what is considered "The Norm."

Human nature leads us to question existence, to find new pathways of thought and logic.  ARKAIK is the musical representation of this form of idealology.

Simply listen to one song and the plethora of musical influences that form ARKAIK are devastatingly apparent.  This makes them appealing to all fans of heavy metal, regardless of their genre preference.

ARMY OF DARKNESS (updated 11-21-2011)
Army Of Darkness hails from the San Bernardino area.  Slashing the scene with thundering Drums and a shredding guitar attack.  Unleashing the sounds of Thrash/Speed Metal, combined with some influences of Grindcore/Death Metal and Hardcore Punk, for a head splitting Metal sound.  Look for us in your Area.

ATTIKA7 (updated 11-21-2011, checked 06-18-2014)
Attika7 is set take on the world of hard music and tour as much as possible to bring their enthralling live show to the masses.  ATTIKA7 are an in-your-face look at a world that is often subject to panic and questions; are you ready to discover what it's all about?

The band toured the UK from August 11th – August 21st of 2010.  One of the stops was to play at the Bulldog Bash in England.  They also booked west coast dates on the Uproar Tour put on by John Reese, playing with Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold, Stone Sour and Hellyeah.

Lately we've picked up some great endorsement's from Rockstar Energy Drink, Jagermeister, Schecter, ESP etc.  Our music has been featured on Sons Of anarchy episode 8 and will be the outro to the season on episode 13.  For more information on Attika7, click here.

AURORA BLACK (added 11-20-2011, checked 06-18-2014)
Active since 2004, Aurora Black sets out to create emotion and depth playing the music their hearts intended them too.  Based out of Los Angeles, after years of writing they finally released their first official album "And The Skies Dream Infinite Sorrow" in 08'.  Now Aurora is writing once again to continue where "Skies" left off and push new boundaries within themselves.  For more on Aurora Black, click here.

BATTLEFRONT (updated 11-21-2011)
Started in January of 2007, Battlefront came together thru mutual friends and started writing songs.  We veered away from our earlier, more mainstream sound, and geared up for a more thrash, speed, death sound that crushes all enemies of metal.  We have loyal fans known as S.O.B.'s (Soldiers Of Battlefront) to help us in our quest for world domination.

BEDLAM OF CACOPHONY (updated 11-21-2011, checked 06-18-2014)
Hailing out of Southern California, Bedlam of Cacophony catalyzed in 2007 in order to create one of the most unrelenting and innovative brands of extreme metal to ever be inflicted upon sentient beings.  Releasing their debut EP entitled 'Turmoil Machine' in 2008, the purest realization of psychotic, churning decimation into sonic form had been skillfully conjured without any regard for human decency.  Followed up with manic live performances and increasing internet media exposure, Bedlam of Cacophony had begun its savage attack on the music world.  Expanding the array of cataclysmic aural assaults is Bedlam of Cacophony's soon to be released full-length album 'Neuroleptic'.

'Neuroleptic' was recorded at Seahorse Sound Studios and produced by Samur Khouja (Arkaik, Inherit Disease, Condemned).  Mastered by Scott Hull at Visceral Sound. Featuring Guest vocals from Travis Ryan (Cattle Decapitation, Murder Construct), Cameron 'Big Chocolate' Argon (Disfiguring The Goddess) and Ramon Mercado (Pencil Lead Syringe), 'Neuroleptic' brandishes suffocating grind passages, barbaric growls, and brutality infused with brilliant, technical mastery and musicianship.

BLAKENSTEIN (added 06-20-2014)
Blakenstein combines dark riffs, energetic shredding dual guitar, hook, and strong, soaring female vocals, often compared to Black Sabbath meets Nightwish with lots of shred.  The band boasts experienced stalwarts of the Metal scene, including band founder Blake Nelson (formerly of Oil) on guitar, vocalist Arminta (accomplished folk performer), bassist Melanie Sisneros (formerly of Crescent Shield, New Eden, The Iron Maidens, Whole Lotta Rosies), and guitarist Marty Doty (formerly of Hangar 18, Night Stryke).  Live, Blakenstein's stage show is a high-energy, theatrical feast.  Blakenstein is consistently ranked in the top 10 on Reverb Nation's Metal charts, and their first single "Sanctuary" was released globally on Versailles Records "Guitar Wizards" compilation, released 1-14-14 & is distributed by Best Buy.  For more information on Blakenstein, click here.
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BRAIN DEAD (added 04-15-2012)
Brain Dead hails from Los Angeles.  We play heavy metal.  No gimmicks.  No pretty boy haircuts.  Just 110% aggresion.  On top of coming in 5th place in a national "unsigned" band contest, we have been playing our asses off all around Southern California and we're not even close to being done.  For mor information on Brain Dead, please click here.

BUBONIC BIRTH (added 04-15-2012)
Bubonic Birth was formed in 2009 by founding members Tom Thorne, Jamie Cluchey and Kelly Greenwood.  Representing new American death metal, we strive to contrast the degenerate sickness of modern culture, which we see as a threat to objective thought and truth.  Born of this plague, we are Bubonic Birth.  For more information Bubonic Birth, please click here.

BURNING AT THE STAKE (updated 11-21-2011)
Burning At The Stake has now been in existence for almost 4 yrs.  We have played a lot  great shows and been part of some of the biggest metal festivals such as; Los Angeles Murderfest, California Metalfest, New Mexicos' Gathering of the Sick Fest.  This being said we have never put out anything more than self-recorded demos.  With dissecting our old songs riff by riff and creating new unheard of songs like, When You Die Nothing Happens, Nefarious Campaign, and A Prevalent Disillusion (available soon).

We have felt more confident on stage and in the studio now more than ever.  We are very happy to finally release our first full length record, which will be out before the New Year 2011.  For more information on Burning At The Stake, click here.

CAGE (checked 06-18-2014)
Up from the oppresive flanneled heel of the grunge movement arose a band so convicted to their craft, that to this day the fire for metal burns hotter than ever.  With a sound that combines the familiar metal godlike elements, they have instilled their own distinct sound that puts the songs and the metal fans first.  Will you bang your head, will you raise your fist in the air, will you be compelled to scream along to the power? hell yes you will, this is CAGE, The American Power Metal Kings!

CAP!TAL S!N (added 01-26-2012)
Angry, young, and poor, these metal-heads desperately want to inspire kids to grow their hair, pick up a guitar, and party on!  By combining the elements of Zeppelin, Sabbath, Guns N' Roses, Pantera, and a slew of other heavy influences, there lies CAP!TAL S!N;  Four syllables, four instruments, and four friends with a hell-bent desire to conquer the world.  A new breed is emerging from their hands and throats as they seek to bring a contemporary feel to old-school music.  For more information on CAP!TAL S!N, click here.

CATTLE DECAPITATION (checked 06-18-2014)
Cattle Decapitation is by far Southern California's most devastating death metal acts to date.  Mixing the intensity of bands like Carcass and Discordance axis, Cattle Decapitation redefine the "goregrind" genre using highly disturbing and provocative subjects such as cannibalism, genocide and vegetarianism.  Featuring the founding member of the popular sci-fi grindcore group, The Locust, on drums and their current drummer on guitar, they've made quite a name for themselves in the grindcore/death metal arena.

THE CAUTERIZED (added 11-21-2011)
The Cauterized are Death Metal purists.  Like Arthurian Grail Warriors of days long gone, they are on a perpetual Quest to deliver Brutality to a scene which seems to have lost its focus.  Unhindered by trends and constant redefinition of the genre, they remain true to the roots they sprung from: the Dark and Twisted roots of Death Metal.

CEASE TO EXIST (added 11-20-2011)
In the quiet little town of Ojai lurks the monstrous metal trio Cease to Exist.  Known for their powerful live performances , Cease to Exist have been described as being awakened by the crunch of a baseball bat to the jaw, repeatedly hitting you where it hurts and leaving you staggering and hungry for more.  For more information on Cease to Exist, click here.

CHEMI-KILL (added 11-20-2011)
This is pure American thrash against the industry.  We're a band based in the San Fernando Valley and have been tearing our way through shows, parties, and wherever else good friends and good times can be found.  Stay true, show respect, and stand your ground in the face of adversity.  These are the principles we live by and we will never stop spitting out the truth right into your fucking face.

CESSATION OF LIFE (added 06-23-2012)
Speed Thrash mixed with heavy power and violent lyrics.  No bull shit, just pure Heavy Metal.  For more information on Cessation Of Life, click here.

CRYPT INFECTION (added 05-29-2011, checked 06-18-2014)
Crypt Infection was founded in 2009 from the ashes of Encoma and Butchery.  Hailing from Ventura, CA, this band's unique flavor of Technical Death Metal has been making waves in the scene. Vocalist Ken May's guttural growls and piercing highs offset Lead Guitarist Joe Billingiere's brilliantly disturbing riff and sweltering solos.  With blisteringly fast double bass drums and the occasional gravity blasts from Jeremiah Taylor, the sound is rounded out by their sludgy, precise bassist Mike Payton and Rhythm Guitarist Robert Carter.

For more information on Crypt Infection, visit them at or at Facebook.

CREPITUS (updated 11-21-2011, checked 06-18-2014)
Crepitus is an atmospheric death/black metal band from Orange County.  Influences are Edge of Sanity, Deicide, Carcass, Pestilence, Suffocation, and Death.  The band was originally started back in 1994 but now is reformed with a new lineup which includes; Ryan Colgan (guitars/vocals from Fate Turns Grey & Deception), Nick Jones (Vocals from Summoned & Fate Turns Grey), Chris Chang (Lead Guitar from Deception & Hangar 18), Dusty Sato Smith (Drums form Predation, Deception & Wolfenguts) and Jesse Van Burden (Bass).  Very dark and evil sounding.  For more information on Crepitus, click here.

DAEMOS (checked 06-18-2014)
For the last five years Daemos has been spreading their music throughout San Diego County.  In these five years, they have built a strong fan base that keeps screaming for more.  Daemos intends to build upon this foundation, expanding outward.  The band strives to not be a flash in the pan.  Instead, they intend to keep cranking out their signature sound far into the next century.

DAMASCUS (updated 05-20-2012)
Born in the summer of 2008 in Santa Rosa, California, Damascus brings you death metal groove with thrash of the old school.  After writing an EP and playing shows around the Bay Area for 2 years, in the fall of 2011 they relocated to Los Angeles to gain recognition amongst a larger population.  Two members Alex and Bryce were unable to move to Los Angeles due to personal commitments in Santa Rosa, so drummer Ryan Thomas Wright of Santa Monica and guitarist Paul Zerounian of Granada Hills were recruited.  Now they are booking a wave of shows all over Southern California and composing their first full-length.  For more information on Damascus, click here.

DARK VITAL FLAMES (updated 11-21-2011)
Spawned from the blackened hills of Santa Barbara are the Dark Vital Flames that drive us all.  Originally a four man attempt at progressive black metal, Dark Vital Flames rose from the ashes as a new force, relentless and evolving.  Fusing the Gothenburg sound with modern progressive elements, DVF is a musical force to be reckoned with.

DAVID CLEREST PROJECT (updated 11-21-2011)
David Clerest combines his talents as a drummer, guitarist and singer to put together a one man show of pure energy.  His roots are from melodic/progressive metal bands like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and Megadeth.  He maintains the integrity of raw metal sound and delivers an unforgettable show.  Established in 1990 and currently playing the local scene.

DEATHCARD (added 05-17-2012)
Deathcard is a Thrash Metal band from the San Fernando Valley playing in the style of Old Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax, Motorhead, etc.  Guitars also influenced by Death Metal bands like Deicide, Cannibal Corpse, etc.  Their three song demo will be out soon.  For more information on Deathcard, click here.

DEATH INQUISITION (added 11-20-2011)
Death Inquisition is a Santa Ana based thrash metal band formed in 2004-2005.  We hav thrashed out Orange County and Los Angeles performing with Sabbat, Nuclear Violation, and Mutilacion.  We lost some members, broke some bones, got drunk, got arrested, got some new members, got drunk some more but didn't get arrested this time.  We have written new songs and are READY TO CONQUER with Rose, Roger, Killbert, and Lord Death.  For more information on Death Inquisition, click here.

DEATH IS ETERNAL (updated 08-19-2014)
Hailing from the Inland Empire & established in the late summer of 2002, D.I.E. are known for their unique sound containing multiple styles of extreme Metal from Black & Death to Speed & Deathcore including: duel vocals, fast/melodic riffs, blasting drumbeats & an amazing Live show.  Looking to Destroy a town near you!  For more information on Death Is Eternal, click here.
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DECEIVE THE DEAD (updated 11-21-2011)
Deceive The Dead is a Metal band which formed in 2008 from Banning, CA.  The line up consists of Ali Safi on vocals, Gene Juarez and Steven Gregory on guitar, Ray Ortega on bass and Ivan Caldwell on drums.

The band strives for brutally fast, melodic music that also blends together some hard-hitting guitar riffs and heavy break downs, and look to bands like The Black Dahlia Murder, Animals as Leaders, Chelsea Grin, and Job For a Cowboy for their musical inspiration.

They have played a wide-range of venues across Southern California including the famed Whisky A Go-Go and Kat Club in Hollywood, the Chain Reaction in Anaheim, and the OC Fair Grounds for the Halos n' Horns Fest and have shared the stage with many bands include Bleeding Through, Silent Civilian, The Word Alive, After The Burial and Shwayze.

DEFY THE MIND (updated 11-20-2011)
Defy The Mind started off with Alex, Chris, and Edwin getting together to jam and start a band.  A bassist then followed in the mix and the 4-piece played a handful of shows up until acquiring a second guitarist, Luke Sesco, who played in the band Patterns with Alex.  After about a year a lineup change was in order, so the band brought in Marc Munoz to play bass.

Since then, Defy The Mind has been working harder than ever, playing shows, writing music, and bringing you the hardest hitting metal that the south bay has to offer.  Bands we have shared the stage with The Faceless, Decapitated, Decrepit Birth, Fleshgod, Apocalypse, Rings of Saturn and Antagonist.  Defy The Mind is Chris Donini (Verbal assualt), Alex Berman (Guitar), Luke Sesco (Guitar), Marc Munoz (Bass) and Edwin De Santiago (Drums).

DESTRIUM (updated 11-20-2011)
Starting in the South Bay of Los Angeles at the end of the summer in 2007, Destrium was established as a heavy, forceful, and powerful progressive metal band.  With songs dealing with destruction and politics to gambling, and parties, Destrium has slowly become a known name in the South Bay area.  Playing shows all over Los Angeles, Destrium has now begun to branch out with shows, songs, merch, cds, and mostly badass perfomances.  For more information on Destrium, click here.

DEPARTED (updated 11-21-2011)
Forged in mid-2003, Departed mark the beginning of a new extreme metal experience.

In the past year, the band has concentrated on song writing and stylistic perfection.  With influences covering the entire metal spectrum, it was a complex matter of musical alchemy.  The band has been fortunate to play the same stage as some of the pioneers of the genre (Deicide, Vital Remains, & Malevolent Creation).  The band took a two year hi-atis to handle personal obligations but in that time have manage to comeback with a mature and yet brutal sound.

The band is working on new material and is looking forward to concentrating on material before making their live schedule to chaotic; however the band looks forward to coming back into the scene because this time around the audience shall be ready for them.

DISTORTEDFATE (updated 11-21-2011)
Hailing from the High desert, DistortedFate combines the talents of Forewarned and Epicidium with a new catalyst, forming a group that is intent on getting your blood pumping with a blend of power metal and a couple heavy influences.  The band is Brian Banner (drummer from Forewarned), Aaron Cross (bass player, also drummer from Epicedium), Michael Weinberg (Vocals), and Bob Spears (Guitars also from Forewarned).

DOOMSAYERS (added 05-14-2012)
Doomsayers is a Thrash Metal band from Los Angeles, formerly known as Shrapnel.  Varied themes of Anarchy, Corruption, Death, Genocide, Murder, the Supernatural, and the End of the World, Doomsayers incorporate a variety of Thrash Metal & Death Metal styles as well as Black Metal and Power Metal.

The band was founded in 2011 by Jimmy Armenta (Shrapnel, Scrapmetal), Cesar Escobar (Metalords, Shrapnel, Anoxia, Death Descends, Harter Attack), Milo Martinez (Advent, Shredder), Josh Dudgeon, (Rotting Remains), Jerry Castro (Books of Blood).  For more on Doomsayers, please click here.

DOCTOR PROFESSOR (added 04-15-2012)
Doctor Professor began as the union of the two mikes over Xgiving potluck of 2009.  The two shook hands... and a few months later, songs are ready for a drummer to step in.  The journey was fraught with danger, but luckily Adam was discovered in a polyrhythmic cave, perfect for the job.  Duncan, the final piece of the puzzle was discovered through prestigious Musician's Institute of LA and is supplying the soothing low end we all deserve.  <3 Doctor Professor (for now...).  For more on Doctor Professor, please click here.

DRACONIS (updated 11-21-2011)
Draconis has returned with a full length CD, "The Cult of the Dragon" and a new line-up.  Comeback show at "The Blvd" in Los Angeles was proof enough that Draconis shall once again dominate the SoCal black/death metal scene.  New full length "The Cult of the Dragon" contains 9 tracks of furious blackened death metal in the vein of Necrophobic, Dissection, Sacramentum, Immortal, with a touch of thrash riffing that matches anything Lamb of God, Exodus or Testament has brought to the table in recent years.  For more information Draconis, click here.

DMT (added 05-17-2012)
Started in 2009 by brothers Alistar and Dave Valadez (formerly of the Los Angeles based band Mygrain), their music quickly gained the attention of talented artists and hungry musicians.  They were joined in late 2009 by front man Jamie Rubel on vocal and Erick Daniel joined on drums in 2010.

In 2009, they recorded their first demo with Tommy Decker and Mike Sarkisyan of Spineshank, which gained them a lot of notoriety around the Los Angeles area.  They released their first single and music video from their EP "A Shift of Ages" on 11/11/11 for the song "Beneath The Surface", directed and edited by Lord Zane of Society 1.

A solid headlining act with an original sound and style, DMT has played a multitude of large venues, opening for an assortment of national acts such as Korn, Fear Factory, Job For a Cowboy, Winds of Plague, In this Moment, Bleeding Through, White Chapel, All Shall Perish, As Blood Runs Black, Stick To Your Guns, Wayne Static, Sleeping Giant, Divine Heresy, Throwdown, Powerman 5000, Story of the Year and many others.

For more information DMT, click here.

DYSTROPHIC (updated 11-21-2011)
Dystrophic's debut EP is a cosmically violent formation of ultra brutal technical death/grind and mind melting noise compositions played at light speed.  Featuring members scattered across Southern California, an area rich in up and coming death metal, Dystrophic delivers utter violent intensity skillfully controlled into a conceptual offering no less bizarre than existence itself.

Laced with a complete barrage of noise and no bullshit groove-grind sections, this mixture of insanity and catchy intensity will surely not leave your stereo for quite some time!

Lyrically and musically a conceptual project with a nod to the outer realms of the massive unknown universe, inadequacy of humans, and the bizarre order of space-time, consider it a vessel to a great forthcoming.

EDEN'S ONSLAUGHT (updated 11-21-2011)
Eden's Onslaught delivers you some of Los Angeles true underground Black Death metal which will bring thoughts of malice, death, suffering, murder, and the total annihilation of all human ignorance in this world.  Our music isn't only out to entertain, but also the stimulus of total and utter human destruction.

We are a dedicated 3-piece band that harnesses both American and European influences.  We wish to present the next Black Death metal onslaught to American soil in order to shatter all the corporate crap that is polluting record stores and air waves.  Ultimately, our music is that of utter destruction to the populous of all mankind.

EMBOD (added 01-25-2012)
EMBOD has no less than 15 years experience for each of the 5 members of this heavy metal band who's been ripping through the IE for over 20 years.  Creating over 6 original albums, packing out venues, bars and backyards at every show, EMBOD is the band you go to see when you have the craving to feel real metal music pump through your veins.  For more information on EMBOD, click here.

ENROT (updated 12-27-2012)
Influenced by the likes of Sepultura, Pantera, Lamb of God and Devil Driver, enRot enters the west coast metal scene full-force, ready to leave their indelible mark on independent music.  The group's current line-up includes Sean Vertigo on vocals, Russ Grell on guitars, Ruben Talamantes as bassist and Francisco Zamudio on drums.  The collaborative result of creative minds and focused dedication, the band brings together almost two decades of combined musical experience showcasing an impressive performance calendar for a relatively new band..  For more information on Enrot, click here.

ENTHRALLER (updated 11-21-2011)
Enthraller started in the Summer of 1996 in Lakewood, California with founding members Stephen & Raymond Bowman.  Their first album, "Slaves & Gods", released in October 2005, received worldwide praise.  They are previous winners of the SugarLight Productions Battle of the Bands, and were recently featured in the "Metal Maniacs" Magazine December 2008 Winter CD compilation.  They have have been recognized as one of California's Premier Extreme Metal Bands with the new album due Summer 2009.

ETERNAL DUSK (updated 11-21-2011)
Eternal Dusk is a black/death metal band from Hollywood.  The band was founded in 2004.  E.D. has been kept active by founding member HammerHeart.  We feel that after 6 years and many line up changes we are ready to really get out there and play.  Check out our tunes, gives us feedback, and we would greatly appreciate any show offers.

EXHAUSTED PRAYER (updated 11-23-2011)
Exhausted Prayer has been performing and recording extreme metal in the Los Angeles area 1999.  The band has since refined their unique harmonic intensity, a transfiguration of blackened death/thrash that continues to send shockwaves through the global metal scene.  Exhausted Prayer has performed persistently across the West Coast, throughout Southern California, and south of the border.  Their new album, Looks Down in the Gathering Shadow, takes the group's signature brutal, melodic blasting towards more progressive horizons.

EXMORTUS (updated 11-21-2011)
Exmortus are an entity amongst themselves and their music, both complex and thoroughly hook-laden, refuses to lend itself to easy categorization. From the technical death-thrash riffage and surgically precise drumming to their neo-classical, twin virtuoso lead guitar attack, fans of death metal, thrash, prog metal, traditional heavy metal and all true metal sub-genres alike enjoy having their craniums crushed by the fury of Exmortus.

FADED SUN (updated 11-21-2011)
Faded Sun is the brainchild of Tony DeVita (ex-singer from Nuclear Blast's Label's New Eden).  Tony DeVita started writing song's for independent movies (mostly horror/gore) in Southern California after his stint w/New Eden.  A high-quality style emerged from the numerous song' being produced, kind of how Rob Zombie started (Relentless Flavorful Groove Metal).  Many songs had that Zombie/Godsmack/Soundgarden flavor.  Tony took some of these songs to a local producer and found a second producer/drummer out of the deal (Clinton Clark).  Thus, Faded Sun was born and the rest is pre-history.  They jammed with many local friend's until they found that Faded Sun sound.  Kirk Barnes rounded out the lineup.  They are now known throughout Southern California after some recent killer shows and indie radio plays.  For booking, contact Faded Sun at

FIAR (added 12-27-2012)
Fiar is a band based in the fabulous Hemet, CA.  Our earlier material is more thrash- rooted, but we are incorporating more and more of our widely ranged influences in each new song.  Our goal is to make sure you have a great time during our set and that you walk away from that stage completly satisfied.  Check out our shit, come to our shows, and most of all have a good fucking time.  For more information on Fiar, click here.

FIGHT ON THE FREEWAY (added 11-20-2011)
In 2010, Fight on the Freeway met up in a small rehearsal room in Huntington Beach, California with the combined vision of creating musical chaos in an era of pre-programmed industry bullshit.  Formed from ex-members of prominent and local heavy bands, Fight on the Freeway have unleashed a volatile mix of post-thrash and urban hardcore, paying homage to the old-school styles while keeping it fresh.  Exhibiting a brutal but diverse approach to songwriting, their recently released demo is devastating from start to finish

Pounding rhythms, tortured vocals, razor sharp riffs complimented with chaotic lyrical themes, it leaves a staggering impression.  What can be described as the line-up from hell, Fight on the Freeway came to rock; and this motive has been accomplished. For more information on Fight on the Freeway, click here.

FISTFULL OF HATE (added 11-20-2011)
Fistfull of Hate is from the Bassett area in La Puente.  Our style/genre is somewhere between death metal and hardcore.  We have played a few clubs like The Whiskey a Go Go and Cobalt Cafe and have even played a few high school wrestling tournaments!  All the band members are 15-16 years old, which makes us unique to other bands in the area.  Fistfull of Hate is Douglas Castro (vocals), Hector "Lech" Gomez (drums), Christian Calvillo (2nd lead guitar), Daniel Rodriguez (bass) James Gilliam (lead guitar).

Fistfull of Hate is always looking for opportunities to play at clubs, small venues, private parties, events, etc.  For more information on Fistfull of Hate, click here.

FUELED BY FIRE (updated 11-23-2011)
After nearly a dozen personnel rotations, thrash metal outfit Fueled By Fire have fine-tuned their sound into an explosive act in the vein of '80s speed demons Slayer, Overkill, Testament and more.  The group started their humble beginnings in 2002, they immediately recorded their first demo and entitled "Life…Death…and FBF" in April 2004.  Which was used to lock a gig at The Whiskey a GoGo the band immediately gained momentum and built up a following playing shows throughout L.A. and surrounding areas, and playing alongside Heavy Metal legends such as Exodus, Possessed, Exumer, Municipal Waste, Heathen, Hallows Eve, Hirax, Toxic Holocuast, Agent Steel and many more.

FROM THE VOMIT (updated 11-23-2011)
From The Vomit is a unique metal band that can't be categorized just yet due to the evolving music being written.  With melodic heavy riffing and insane solo's, From The Vomit is bringing back the old school metal scene.

Being formed in June 2007 the band keeps pumping out great heavy tunes constantly.  Having gone into the recording studio in April 2008, From The Vomit has finished recording our 1st full length album and is in the process of being mixed and mastered.

Members are as follows:
- Shaun "Grunts n Growls" Pilon (Vocals)
- Curt " AbdominalWorm" Cunningham (Lead/Rhythm Guitars)
- Darren "Dragon Whino" Russon (Lead/Rhythm Guitars)
- Mikey "No Nickname" Ashby (Bass/Keyboards)
- Chris "Carnifex" Hall (Drums & Percussion)

FURY NEVER FADES (added 11-20-2011)
Fury Never Fades is a progressive death metal band based in San Diego.  Combining progressive European influences with American brutality.  Fury Never Fades offers music that is melodic, technical, and heavy, which reflects in their live performances and recordings.  The band has currently released a self titled EP and is working towards finishing their 2nd EP by the end of this year.

The band is currently seeking management, record labels, reviews, radio play and press.  For more information on Fury Never Fades, click here.

GRIMWOLF (added 11-29-2009, checked 06-18-2014)
Pure American Werewolf Metal!  If that does not say it all then nothing will.  Werewolf clan "GrimWolf" has stormed onto the music sceen with their animalistic style of metal.  Giving tribute to their metal influences of the past and forging forward with their nitch of the metal world.  Music that inspires the primal side of the human mind to dominate and to feast upon all who tread in their path.

Their music is melodic and agressive, not wimpy or whiney, just pure brutatlity when they hit the stage.  Their music has been likened to Metallica, Megadeth and other early metal bands.  Brent's vocals are savage and primal akin to death metal vocalists of the past.  Catchy riffs, pummeling drums, melodious harmony guitar, and thunderous bass.  You cannot help but get savagely attacked by the sound that is GrimWolf.

GRAVEHILL (updated 11-23-2011)
From the depths of old school death metal hell comes GRAVEHILL.  Ripping your face off and throwing salt in the wounds.  5 demons from hell make the music.  If you like your death metal ugly, straight forward and pure poser killing, Gravehill is for you.  Gravehill will piss on your grave!  Olden style (to the posers out there, Autopsy, Hellhammer, Bathory, Venom, Massacre/Death, Nihilist, Sodom).  "Rites Of The Pentagram" full length debut album out now!  Future releases include a 7 Inch split record on Relapse Records with Cardiac Arrest and another 7 Inch split record on Iron Bonehead Productions with Graveworm.  Gravehill recently signed to Ibex Moon Record!  The next 2 releases will be a 2nd full length album, as well as a 7 Inch split record with Coffins.  Hail the horned one in rivers of blood as the heavens burn.  For more information on Gravehill, click here.

GRAVESPAWN (updated 11-23-2011)
We are the Los Angeles black metal horde Gravespawn.   Our mission is simple: to create American black metal that shall hold strong against any so called European "true" black metal and destroy all in our wake!  We are proud to hail from the United States, especially Los Angeles where we have completed dates with Horna and the mighty Blood Stained Dusk.   We are prepared for war and our live sets shall prove this true.

GRAVESPELL (added 06-18-2014)
At times the most putrid of blackmetal, at others fuzz and mist swathed sound scape with minimalist textures, GRAVESPELL is an alchemical mixture of all styles, genres and elements.  As a band, they we seek to channel their personal histories as well as the cosmic mysteries into one interwoven piece of music that weaves together past and present, ancient and modern, analog and acoustic.  For more information on Gravespell, click here.
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GUTSAW (added 05-28-2011, checked 06-18-2014)
GUTSAW - a southern California gore grind/Death metal band.  Formed in 2003, Gutsaw has been grinding up the Inland Empire and all of California.  When Gutsaw is not being the life of the party, they are playing shows and singing about dismembering women, gore and cannabis.  Living by their slogan "LIVE,DIE,ROT,GRIND", Gutsaw does just that.   Gutsaw puts on the best live show in southern California "Hands down", if you have never seen a Gutsaw performance, do so!

Gutsaw is Keith pierce (Drums), Nick Wilson (Lead guitar, vocals) and Doug Aldred (Bass guitar, Vocals).  For more information on Gutsaw, visit them at Facebook.

HERALDS OF THE SWORD (added 05-14-2012)
Heralds of the Sword is a Fantasy Power Metal band from the United States.  Our musical concepts formed from lifelong fascinations with Fantasy based lore, inspirations from extraordinary Power Metal bands such as Rhapsody of Fire, ReinXeed, and Kaledon as well as an unending desire to create innovative and enjoyable music.  Performances by Heralds of the Sword include bringing an original story to life on stage through tales within their own world of Mhalosia, integrating an ongoing saga for their listeners.  With an increasing and loyal fan base these Heralds are positioned to continue growing by bringing their epic tales to an international audience.

For more information on Heralds of the Sword, click here.

HARPOKRATE (updated 11-23-2011)
Fans of Iron Maiden, In Flames, and Children of Bodom will find much to love in Harpokrate.  Founded in Los Angeles in 2005 by guitarist/vocalist Juan Piña, guitarist Marcos Mejia and drummer Alex Zarate, the band's melodic dark metal music concept was a reaction to a scene overrun with punk and thrash.  The group honed its unique playing style in numerous performances over the years.  Last year, bassist Carlos Elias joined the band, completing the current line-up.  What followed was the recording of a highly-anticipated debut CD, "Dead Heroes," which features eight explosive studio tracks that accurately represent Harpokrate.

HELLCOMMAND (added 05-27-2011)
Hellcommand, formed by frontman Dave Castañon after being kicked out of his own band Tyrant in 2008, discovered better musicians to break thru into a new genre of Metal.  Deathspeed Metal that shatters and breaks your neck with furious musicianship with a skillful metal bashing of a lifetime.  Forming in 2009, Hellcommand blasts throughout the L.A metal at death speed and kills all in its path.  If this band were from the 80's there would have been no chance in hell for any poser bands to survive the wrath of Hellcommand then and now.

Visit Hellcommand at Facebook and watch them at Youtube.

HELSÓTT (added 05-14-2012)
Formed Feb 1st 2010 Helsótt is a melding of American Thrash/Death and Pagan Metal.  Very melodic and very brutal music sets the pace for a high energy live act that can only be described as crushing.

Helsótt has supported national and international acts such as: Finntroll, Ensiferum, Turisas, Nile, Ex Deo, Nevermore, Suidakra, Eluveitie, Arkona, Alestorm, Fear Factory, Rotting Christ, Epica, Death Angel, Hate, Kampfar, Vreid, Keep of Kalessin, Warbringer, Mayhem, Destruction, Heathen, Goatwhore, Possessed Woods of Ypres, Origin, Decrepit Birth, Aborted and many more.

For more information on Helsótt, please click here.

HERETIC (added 04-16-2012)
Heretic is a classic style power/thrash metal band, originally formed in the early 80's from Los Angeles, California.  Newly reformed in 2011 with two founding members, guitarist and songwriter Brian Korban (Heretic, Reverend) and vocalist Julian Mendez (Heretic, Stone Soldier), Heretic and it's new line-up is a powerhouse of prominent metal musicians.  Joining Heretic are long-time friends and collaborators, guitarist Glenn Rogers (Hirax, Deliverance, Vengeance Rising) and bassist Angelo Espino (Reverend, Hirax, Anger As Art).  The final piece to the puzzle comes by way of the thundering drums of Ignazio Rocco Coppola (3rd Strike).  The band is currently in the studio working on a new CD at Trench Studios with producer John Anthony Haddad and has signed with Metal on Metal Records for a 2012 release.

HAZARDOUS TERROR (added 06-17-2014)
Hazardous Terror is crossover Thrash Metal band from Costa Mesa with some traditional heavy metal influences.  We play our own music and love what we do.  Formed in 2012, we've played the Whisky a go go, The Observatory (with D.R.I.), Riff Haus (many times), Chain Reaction and even in a Game Stop.  We have one demo out titled "There Goes the Neighborhood".  We are working on our album right now.  For more information on Hazardous Terror, click here.
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HORDE OF SIRENS (added 04-18-2012)
Horde of Sirens is a prog/metal band emerging from San Diego, CA.  Combing elements of rock and jazz, brutal death-metal, off beat breakdowns, and quirky time signatures, these dudes present a fresh, bright new taste to the Southern California metal scene.  The band is currently seeking management, record labels, shows, press, reviews, and promotion.

For more information on Horde of Sirens, please click here.

I DREAM OF APOCALYPSE (added 11-21-2011)
IDOA hails from the San Fernando Valley and plays rip-your-face-off thrash with ample helpings of death metal, punk, and hardcore.  Our lyrics are devastatingly political but with a sense of humor.  We're looking to earn our reputation live at bars, clubs, private parties, wherever!  Just give us a stage, you won't regret it!  For more information on I Dream of Apocalypse, click here.

INHUMAN ATROCITIES (added 06-29-2014)
Inhuman Atrocities bring you heavy hitting death metal from Whittier, California.  The sound is a mix unrelenting brutal riffing, screaming solos, and massive slams sure to give any metal head something to headbang to.  They have a few shows coming up and are working on a full length album and a few fun EPs.  For more information on Inhuman Atrocities, click here.
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IMPERIAL DECAY (updated 11-21-2011)
Nothing can compare to the first time you listen to those Iconic songs, albums, and artists that give off that enigmatic feeling, that eerie chill that seems to creep inside you and crawl up your spine. Imperial Decay is that rare intangible feeling, the feeling that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

Formed in Mid 2005 by Eliseo Garcia and Arthur Mendiola, the name Imperial Decay did not come into play until 2006 with the addition of a good friend now exBassist Milton A. Retana, Imperial Decay molds ferocious power and haunting dynamics into one, making each song a captivating masterpiece; forever engraved in the memory of the listener.

Based off of Los Angeles, CA. Imperial Decay strives to stand out, above, and beyond the norm, and they have managed to do so with their unique sound. Driven by passion and the determination to constantly progress, they deliver with undeniable ferocity.

INSECTICIDE (added 01-03-2009, checked 06-18-2014)
Insecticide was started in 1986 by Brian Smith and Sherman Jones and went on to have a handful of drummers until Rich Rowen (Beowulf/Danzig) joined in 1988.  Insecticide proceeded to tour on the first 2 demos, this was unheard of at that time!  Insecticide plays all over USA/Mexico/Canada and has opened for Gwar, MOD, Excel, Dr Know, Brujeria and many more!

INSENTIENT (updated 11-23-2011)
Insentient, whose style is drawn from an array of influences such as Death, Cacophony, Megadeth, Dissection, Jason Becker and others, came together after enduring nearly a year long wait and many unsuccessful auditions for suitable members prior to its current line-up.  The groups current status is partially complete with members Leslie Medina on vocals and guitar; Marvin Mendez on second guitar, and Steven Govea on drums.  Though still short a permanent bass player this will in no way deter Insentient in their pursuit to become a well established and recognized band in the extreme metal scene.

INTERNAL CORROSION (updated 11-24-2011)
Internal Corrosion is a Los Angeles based metal band that has been capturing the interest of fans and musicians alike since their beginning in 2006.  Their use of dual guitar solos, powerful metal drumming and clear yet edgy vocals, has people comparing the band to such legendary metal acts as Metallica, Megadeth, and Slayer.  Although Internal Corrosion does posses the classic qualities of the early metal genre, they are not a direct imitation but something that is familiar and new all on its own.

INVADOR (added 03-30-2013)
Formed back in 2008 as Flacid, Invador is an experimental thrash band from Moreno Valley / Riverside, California.  The band is known for their different approach to thrash and/or metal, using interesting syncopated rhythms and fun melodies in their music to create a new sound in order to stand out among other bands.  Some unique characteristics of the band are the use of improvisation (all drum fills and guitar solos are improvised and never written beforehand), melodic singing, humor, and genre jumping.  For more information on Invador, click here.

IRONKLAD (added 06-15-2014)
Coming out of their corner of Southern California known as the Inland Empire, Ironklad has stormed onto the local scene since their start in summer 2008.  The band was started by guitarist Max, and vocalist Dean.  Bassist Brandon joined soon after and the 3 of them began writing songs.  Max's brother Nick later joined up to play rhythm guitar along with Michael on the drums.  From the beginning Ironklad has been increasing their fan base dramatically and building a reputation in the local scene as one of the hardest working METAL bands.  In the short time they've been around they've already had the privilege of playing over 100 shows alongside bands such as Korn, Otep, Throwdown, All Shall Perish, As Blood Runs Black, God Forbid, Powerman 5000, Brian "Head" Welch, Motograter, Lordi, Turisas, Skid Row, Godhead, Goatwhore, Divide The Day, Asesino and many more.  Ironklad has had its ups and downs like any band, but the Ironklad of 2014 is the strongest to date and with the help of their loyal fans bigger things definitely await in the near future.  For more information on Ironklad, click here.
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ISOLATION IN INFAMY (updated 11-25-2011)
The new Isolation In Infamy EP Out Now.  Drums by Darren Cesca (Arsis, Incinerate), Artwork by Tony Koehl (The Black Dahlia Murder, Job For a Cowboy) and recorded at Castle Ultimate Studios with Zach Ohren (All Shall Perish, Decrepit Birth, Suffocation, Animosity).  For more information on Isolation In Infamy and their EP, click here.

JAMESON (updated 11-25-2011)
Heavy metal has come home to southern California and in no small part to LA's best: Jameson.  Armed with the attitude of their predecessors, Jameson's bone crushing groove is the product of five well educated masters with a chip on their shoulder, determined to shred their way onto the metal scene and create some serious waves for years to come.  Combining the classic elements of thrash with the up-to-date crush and urgency of the modern metal underground, Jameson creates a universal groove to appeal to any fan of heavy music, anywhere in the world.

JUGULUR (updated 11-25-2011)
Jugulur has continued to spread its music across the globe from the UK to Brazil.  The Inland Empire band is: Frontman Machine, guitarist Riga, Monster on bass, and Demo on drums.  Jugulur has been writing new material due for release in summer of 2008.  As they prepare to tour the U.S., Jugulur brings their "in your face" Metal back to the stage with a slew of new songs from the political rager to the disconcerted soul.

K626 (updated 12-25-2011)
In mid 2009, the band got to work on their new album titled "The Gates Of Necropolis" which would prove to be their heaviest sounding to date.  Produced by Brent Wisdom and K626, Blasko from Ozzy Osbourne had recommended Josh Newell (Korn, Motorhead, P.O.D.) to mix the album.  Musically, the band could remind someone of Lamb Of God, Pantera, or possibly Slayer, however it is the high end of the vocal range and the wide array of guitar parts that give K626 their original sound.  The album is slated for international release August 4th 2010.

The metal enthusiast will not be disappointed when entering "The Gates Of Necropolis".  For more information on K626 and their music, click here.

KANTATION (added 06-26-2014)
Kantation is based out of the High Desert of Southern California with a penchant for 'galloping metal'.  The members are seasoned metal veterans with studio and live experience all over the world.  With their debut album 'Discovery', they’re gigging far and wide with a show that is both, high energy and memorable.  Proud hosts of The Throwback Metal Fest.  For more information on Kantation, click here.
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KETASET (added 02-06-2005)
Spawned in the wilds of middle Tennessee, Ketaset first reared its ugly head in Murfreesboro in the spring of 1998.  If you've ever been to Tennessee, you'll understand this technical metal band's decision to move to LA in 2001.  A line-up change, new material, many a show on the strip and far less glamorous places followed.  Some people have even called us "brutal" so we can't really be all that bad, right?

LAZARUS CASKET (added 08-17-2014)
Lazarus Casket is a veteran band of the Southern California metal circuit.  This melodic death metal band; with an influence from thrash, was founded by Long Beach friends Aaron Miller and David Johnson in 2008.  Featuring lead vocals and lyrics from Jason Tyler (All Gods Kill), Tyler describes the current line-up as "aggressive, determined, and focused."  Johnson is a singer-songwriter inspired by diverse musical influences.  Johnson says, "When I saw what Miller was doing back in 2008, I knew I wanted to be a part of it.  There was the element of the bands we loved like Swedish melodic death metal and thrash, but he was putting his own twist on it."  Tyler adds, "The addition of Gabriel Martinez (Her Name Was Disaster) to the song writing process has been mind-blowing.”

Their full-length album was produced under the watchful eye of experienced musician and producer Mark Haggblad (Devolved, Dead Hero Studios).  Miller says, "We were excited to work with someone with the skill and experience of Mark.  I knew people were really responding to what we were creating live, and the studio experience has exceeded our initial expectations."   Lazarus Casket was listed as "The band to watch in 2014" by Rockwell UnScene Magazine.  The album was released 04/04/2014 (US).  For more information on Lazarus Casket, click here.
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LETHAL INTENT (update 11-25-2011)
Out of Southern California's Mojave desert was born Lethal Intent.  With the band's unapologetic brutal sound and hook as heard on such songs as "Cold and Dead" and "First Victim", their audiences have stood up and taken notice.  The veteran members of Lethal Intent have both world and national touring experience.  Both touring and sharing the stage with such bands as: King Diamond, Deicide, Motorhead, Henry Rollins, Megadeth, and Nuclear Assault.  Lethal Intent has been playing and touring in support of their four song EP which was produced by legendary guitarist and producer Bob Kulick.

LORD MARSHALL (updated 11-25-2011)
A Lord Marshall concert is one of a kind experience as he hovers between the land of the living and surreal worlds uniquely woven together.  His vision is transposed into a tapestry of surrealism and theatrical reenactments.  Think: Rob Zombie, Chris Angel and Cirque du Soleil to invoke the imagination, provoke the senses.  Each spectacular show offers the audience a striking, dramatic mix of circus arts and Halloween haunt, featuring wild and outrageous costumes staged creatures under magical lighting.

Lord Marshall is recording his debut solo album this year.  The distinctive guitar work is executed with his custom blade the "Event Horizon", which is a guitar Loic designed and built resulting in a piece of art, which has already shown interest from major guitar companies.

For more information on Lord Marshall, click here.

LORD OF WAR (added 11-23-2011)
Since 2008, Lord of War has been inflicting its unique brand of thematically driven progressive brutality on their home town of San Diego, CA.  Drawing inspiration from all across the modern extreme metal spectrum, Lord of War brings to the table a perfect balance of engaging technicality and progressive elements – seamlessly intertwined with powerful melodies and crushing breaks.  They pride themselves in keeping an expansive repertoire and a "something for everyone" ethos, while simultaneously maintaining an uncompromising level of dedication to musicianship and innovation within the scene.

They constantly push their collective skill sets to the next level in order to deliver increasingly imaginative aggression to their fan base.  With the official release of their debut album "Celestial Pestilence" looming on the horizon, with a January 31st release date, and the signing of a multi-album deal with the legendary Unique Leader Records, Lord of War is poised to take their campaign of domination to an international scale.

LUNA OCCULTA (updated 11-23-2011)
Luna Occulta is a Black Metal Band based in Los Angeles and the Inland Empire that form in 2003 as a 4 piece.  Making up the band is Wormfeed (vocals), Lord Wrath (guitars), Beernator (bassist) and Wretched (drummer).  In May 2009, they released the demo title "And the Flesh Shall Lust For Death".  For more information on Luna Occulta, click here.

MADLIFE (checked 06-18-2014)
What is Madlife?  Madlife is an alloy of sounds.  This mixture is made up of powerful vocals, aggressive guitars, and new age technology.  Bands such as White Zombie, Korn, NIN, KMFDM and more recently Disturbed and Static X, have helped to influence the creations of Madlife.  Madlife has released a 7-song EP, produced by the highly respected, Stoker.  Madlife is currently being played on college radio, internet radio and XM Satelitte Radio.  Madlife has also played live with Prong, Godhead and Rumble Fish.

MALDICION (added 09-24-2011)
Maldicion is a thrashy, black, death, heavy metal band from L.A that makes people want to fuck shit up every time they hear us.  The band has been around since 2000 but we stopped jamming for a couple years due to a motorcycle accident in which our drummer was involved in.  He is now ok and we are back louder, faster, harder, and most important, COMMITTED to show these crazy fucks what we're all about.

MASTER DESTRUCTOR (updated 11-21-2011)
Master Destructor was created from the destruction of the past on October 14th 2007 when Gio decided to take on a new musical challenge by creating a more technical, cleaner, raw and heavy sound.  To do so he needed to find Manuel and Cheerio, master minds of musical destruction.

Master Destructor is Gio Herrera (Guitar/Vocals), Manuel (drummer) and Robert "Cheerio" (Bass).  All the members have similar musical background with influences such as Merciful Fate, Megadeth and Dream theater.  The band has plenty of performing experience along with matching musical knowledge and ability.  The 3 members are dedicated to the Thrash/Heavy/Metal scene and will help rise a new era of METAL.

MAXXXWELL CARLISLE (added 12-30-2012)
Based in Venice Beach, Maxxxwell Carlisle brings unapologetic Shred/Power/Speed Metal. Drawing from bands like Manowar, Judas Priest, Yngwie Malmsteen, and Gamma Ray, the songs are fast, triumphant, catchy, and all featuring totally bitch'n solos!  With 2 full length albums out, collaborations with legendary shredder Michael Angelo Batio, and a brand new EP and video, Maxxxwell Carlisle continues to be highly active all over Los Angeles and on the web.  For more information on Maxxxwell Carlisle, click here.

MERCILESS DEATH (updated 11-21-2011)
Merciless Death might has well existed in 1985 because their music sounds exactly like it was from that time.  They draw influence from old slayer and anthrax and early exodus, but more so from the more unknown bands like Razor, Exhumer, Onslaught, Violent Force and Powerlord, to name just a few.  These influences are very present in the music and nothing but 80's thrash/speed metal influences them, thrashing from the city of Slayer and Dark Angel.

METATONIC (updated 11-21-2011)
Are you sick of the same old metal scene in your area?  Then give Metatonic a listen!  Formed in late 2007, San Diego metal band Metatonic is one of the few bands in Southern California that keeps progressive metal moving forward.  With chest pounding drums, blistering guitars and melodic vocals, this band is sure to impress.  Inspired by bands like Dream Theater and Mastodon, Metatonic incorporates technically challenging aspects  to an array of hard hitting songs.  For more information on Metatonic, click here.

MICTLANTECUHTLI (updated 11-21-2011)
Mictlantecuhtli formed in 1999.  Taking their name from the war-obsessed ancient Aztec tribe, Mictlantecuhtli offers a unique new metal sub-genre to the ever-evolving extreme metal music.  With lyrics largely based on war, epic battles, bloody rituals, and ancient cities, the band has provided their own tasteful spin on the traditional extreme metal sounds.

Their popularity in the underground grew and they released a demo CD in 2001.  Mictlantecuhtli was then featured in a few compilation CDs distributed throughout the world and in various metal magazines.  In 2004, Mictlantecuhtli released their debut album Pillars of Silence.  It was praised by Metal Maniacs as "An extensive nine-track metal masterpiece."

Tearing up stages with their explosive, dynamic live performances and enjoying moderate success of Pillars of Silence, Mictlantecuhtli has quickly established themselves as one of the premiere extreme metal bands on the West coast of the United States.  Being called "L.A.'s evilest and blackest new sensation," Mictlantecuhtli looks to make a huge impact on the extreme metal scene with their next release entitled, "Warriors of the Black Sun".

MIDNIGHT REIGN (updated 11-21-2011)
Think Satan listening to Appetite for Destruction on Acid.  Midnight Reign is Joseph Michael's (Ronnie James Dio's Cousin) Brainchild melding classical influences with dark guitar driven metal.

The band is sponsored by Coffin Case, has distribution through Hot Topic, is featured in many national magazines including Metal edge, Metal maniacs, K.I.N.K, Gothic Beauty and has been featured on many national and international, radio shows catering to the gothic, metal and alternative, underground.

MOJAVE GREEN (added 06-16-2014)
Mojave Green is the Alpha doomish beast of heavy rock hailing from the eclectic underworld of the San Diego music scene.   Mojave Green is a unique, energetic, tasteful and skilled musical collective with feel, soul and depth.  Their stage show is lively and energetic, combining mystery and dark themes with heavy grooves, attention grabbing interludes and rock the house grinds! Each talented member of this formidable force is part of the creative process, making for fresh blend of styles, solid songwriting, and a strong bond of unity among the artists.  Mojave Green are unlike any other heavy band, and have only just begun to tap their unlimited potential.  RISE!  For more information on Mojave Green, click here.
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MOLLY VAMP (added 11-20-2011)
Molly Vamp was formed in the fall of 2009.  Their main influence generates from the original blues to the 80's classic metal bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and Scorpions.  The band has performed at the Whisky in Hollywood, the Knitting Factory (Hollywood), Chain Reaction in Anaheim and local pubs and clubs in Southern CA.  Their focus is to perform and record their new album.

MORBID ECLIPSE (added 07-27-2014)
Metal from the frozen depths of space, Morbid Eclipse just released their live demo, 'The Bomb Shelter Session'.  For more information on Morbid Eclipse, click here.
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MOUTH OF THE SERPENT (updated 11-21-2011)
Mouth of the Serpent is crazy fucking Los Angeles Death Metal/Metal Core.  Go get the debut album "Inception" out now on iTunes and available in select stores.  Or don't buy it, and download it for free at  For more information on Mouth of the Serpent, click here.

MYSIDIA (added 06-17-2014)
Mysidia is a melodic death metal band from Southern California.  Their music delivers enough technical aggression to level cities – atmospheric keyboards effortlessly fuse with intricate, crushing riffs, and blistering dual solos are accompanied by a thundering rhythm section.  Inquisitive metal listeners will bear witness to a sonic apocalypse which captures the unrelenting fury of a doomed planet tearing itself apart.  For more information on Mysidia, click here.
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NEKROGOBLIKON (updated 11-21-2011)
Nekrogoblikon is a goblin metal band hailing from the grim metal locale of California, USA.  We started as a summer side project of Nicky and Tim, but outgrew our humble beginnings quickly and our current lineup is both awesome and rad.  Our 2007 debut album, Goblin Island, is a musical hell-storm of goblin proportions.  We have finished our second full-length album, entitled "Stench" and are looking to release it at the end of the year.  For more information on Nekrogoblikon, click here

NINTH CIRCLE (checked 06-18-2014)
The South Bay's ultimate heavy metal band is electrifying audiences throughout Southern California with stunning live performances.  Ninth Circle's brand of heavy rock combining power, melody and virtuosity is gathering momentum as their loyal and enthusiastic fan base increases up and down the coast with each performance.  In 2001 proclaimed that Ninth Circle is "L.A.'s premiere heavy metal band.  If you like old school metal like Iron Maiden, Van Halen, Scorpions and Dio this band will kick your ass."

NOVAREIGN (added 06-15-2014)
Novareign is a Progressive, Speed Power Metal band based in the Los Angeles area.  Officially formed in 2012, the 5 piece American Power metal band makes shameless use of melodic arpeggios, epic and uplifting vocal lines, titanic rhythm segments and lyrical themes based on heroism, courage, strength, and adventure.  Any metal fans hungry for an epic listening experience can find the band on Facebook (click here).
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OBSEQUY (updated 09-05-2011)
Obsequy is a progressive metal band, founded in 2007 by guitarist/vocalist Alex Fidel.  The lineup currently consists of Nick Fidel on drums, Gary Jibilian on NS Chapman Stick, and Roberto Knapp-Ramos on guitar.  They released an EP, called "Thoughtcrime", in 2009 that included a song intended for the soundtrack of the in-progress Toxic Avenger Part 5, which featured Cage vocalist Sean Peck on lead vocals.  Technical, melodic, catchy, heavy, abstract, and very unique style of metal.  For more information on Obsequy, visit them at Facebook.

ORDER THROUGH BLOOD (added 06-29-2014)
Order Through Blood is a "Misfit Metal" band from Victorville, CA that was formed in 2011.  The band is heavily influenced by Slayer, Slipknot, Lamb of God, As I Lay Dying, Avenged Sevenfold, The Black Dahlia Murder and Pantera.

The band started out like any other band, just a group of friends looking to have some fun and hang out.  But as time went on, the music became more and more important in our lives.  As we continued to write, we dove ourselves deeper into the world of metal, revealing new influences and interests.  We found ourselves falling in love with the all styles of metal.  We hope to revitalize metal, because let's face it, the music today is terrible.  Metal belongs on the throne, and we intend to put it high above the crowds again and keep it there.  For more information on Order Through Blood, click here.
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PAROXYSMAL BUTCHERING (added 11-20-2011)
Romanticizing rape, torture and cannibalism since 2007, Paroxysmal Butchering consistently delivers slamming, guttural sickness, exemplifying the essence of Brutal Death Metal, while incorporating elements of Grindcore and Black Death into an all-out aural fist fuck of blasting perversity.  Churning out misanthropic disgust from the festering bowels of Southern California, Paroxysmal Butchering looks to assert itself as one of the regions premier purveyors of ear drum punishing, genital obliterating brutality..  For more on Paroxysmal Butchering, click here.

P.D.P. (updated 11-32-2011)
P.D.P. is a four piece Power Groove/ technical metal band from Los Angeles, Ca.  The band has been featured in advertisements for Musicians Institute (MI) Hollywood where songwriter/ guitarist Greg Harrison wrote the book on shred.  He delivers bone shattering riffs accompanied by insane technical shred solos.  Greg has also done numerous guitar clinics in Los Angeles as well as two consecutive tours on the Mayhem Festival representing M.I. and Revolver magazine.  Some of Greg's guitar tutorials as well as his "Shred the Web" guitar tips can be viewed on the website for Guitar World magazine (  Drummer Ro Batres is endorsed by Thrust drums and can be witnessed in action on you tube.  Just search Thrust preview.  Biz holds down the low end and keeps the grooves steady.  She has toured internationally with professional tribute acts and has graced such stages as the House of Blues on Sunset strip where she played in the opening band for David Lee Roth to a packed house.  Front man Hex Ramirez' razor sharp vocal delivery, clever lyric writing and engaging stage performance give P.D.P. it's signature style that leaves fans wanting more.

PHAVIAN (added 12-02-2009, checked 06-18-2014)
A progressive rock band from Palos Verdes, California, Phavian combines an original, heavy sound with deep melodic sensibility and unconventional rhythms to create a truly unique sound and feel.  The band weaves through hard driving riffs, melancholy melodies and deep grooves often within the confines of a single song.  Elizabeth Matson's vocal melodies soar over Puyan Hassani's guitars while Jason Lobell and Patrick Hassani create a powerful, yet thoughtful rhythm section.

PRO-FE-CIA (updated 11-32-2011)
PRO-FE-CIA is a Metal band from the Inland Empire area that has been around for about 8 years.  We currently have a distribution deal thru Koch for our album Hechos De Metal (Made Out Of Metal).  The album features guest musicians such as Dave Lambardo (Slayer) and Emilio Marquez (Asesino).

We have shared the stage with some of the biggest bands in the English and Spanish Metal Scene.  Pro-Fe-Cia has participated in some of the biggest Metal Festivals.  We will be doing it again this year and are already confirmed to play at the Festival Xtremo, where 30 000 people are expected to show up.

Finally, Pro-Fe-Cia is now recording new album with hopes to be done by the end of the year.  For more details on Pro-Fe-Cia.

PSYCHICMAFIA (checked 06-18-2014)
Hyperchild's music is rooted in the harder side of Classic Rock & fueled by the power of Heavy Metal.  Then we have this groove oriented, hypnotic side - that weaves its self into our soundscape, Groove Oriented Hypnotic Heavy Rock Music

RATTLEHEAD (added 04-05-2008, checked 06-18-2014)
From the most rotten gutters of Hollywood, where even rats don't dare crawl, comes a band.  A band that is slowly redefining what metal is actually about.  Blending and fusing aspects of speed, thrash, progressive, and technical metal, this quartet is out on a spree, and they're not stopping anytime soon. (Click Here to read more)

RAVISH (updated 11-21-2011)
Thrash/Speed Metal band from Wilmington.  Ravish was formed in early 2009 by Ulises (tozco) and Coky. We are always down for gigs anywhere, anytime.  Ravish is Tozco (Guitar/vox), Coky (Bass/back up vox) and Mark (Drums).  Fore more information on Ravish, click here.

REACTOR (updated 11-21-2011)
Reactor was originally started in Seattle Washington and Hollywood California, by lead singer Greg Martin.  They have been voted Rock City News Awards "Best L.A. Heavy Metal and/or Hard Rock band" 6 years in a row.  Music Connection Magazine also named them "One of L.A.'s hottest 100 unsigned bands" 3 years in a row.  Reactor is probably one of the most awarded unsigned bands you never heard of.  Reactor is not telling you they are the best, they were voted or given these honors by fans, award shows, and magazines.

Reactor just released a new CD called "Kings of no respect" and are already hard at work on the next, " The twisted tales of toxic town".  It is already turning out to be a kick ass heavy disc.  It will be the best Reactor CD in a while.

REIGN OF AVARICE (updated 11-21-2011)
Reign of Avarice is an L.A. based band that combines metal and folk music.  The band was formed in early 2009 and is ready to spread its epic tales throughout California.  The current lineup consists of an Accordionist/Vocalist, a Guitarist, and a Drummer.  Some of the topics you can expect to hear in Reign of Avarice songs include Folklore, History, Drinking, and Gambling.  Reign of Avarice loves to drink the finest ale made only with the finest spices.  Click here to see Reign of Avarice performing "Two Ales At Dawn" at the Key Club.

RESOMATION (added 06-15-2014)
San Diego Death Metal at its finest.  Not death metal purists in the least, Resomation delivers a highly technical, grind-influenced, politically tinted, wall-of-sound approach to the modern metal scene.  For more information on Resomation, click here.
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RESURRECTING JUDAS (updated 02-13-2011)
Freshly spawned in January 2010 in the SoCal region. Determined to create the heaviest and most unforgetable music, Influenced by technical, Brutal death metal, Resurrecting Judas creates its own style of unique heaviness that will rip your face off!  A very serious and active project, Resurrecting Judas constantly writes material.  After releasing their first EP "Real Men Love Judas" in October 2010, Resurrecting Judas is on their way to writing a full length masterpiece, due in 2011!  For more information on Resurrecting Judas, visit them at ReverbNation.

RONNY NORTH (added 11-30-2009, checked 06-18-2014)
Ronny North plays his own signature brand of instrumental guitar rock.  He won Best guitarist in the 2006 All Access Magazine Music Awards and he was the artist of the month for his sponsor Morley Pedals in April 2009.  Ronny and his band play all over Southern California and regularly share stages with major acts.  They recently played the main stage for NASCAR at their Copart 300 Race on Sept 10th ,2009 for 1,000s of race fans at Auto Club Speedway.

He also sells music and gets airplay all over the world.  His music has also been used on MTV's Real World Reality shows as well as a few other TV and movie projects.  Ronny has also been featured in all the major guitar and music magazines.  Michael Molenda (Editor and Chief of Guitar Player Magazine) said some very complementary things about Ronny's playing.  Ronny is also regularly featured in ad campaigns for his sponsors (He currently has 50 endorsements including a signature guitar by Nikita guitars) and is a very popular clinician and does trade shows and clinics all over America for them.  Ronny is tomorrow's guitar hero today.

ROTT (updated 11-21-2011)
Rott is a Brutal Death Grind band from the Los Angeles area that has played on Many Stages with some of the Greatest National acts from across America.  Rott has played with over the years with Cattle Decapitation, Abysmal Dawn, Sepsism, Deceased, Diabolos, Letum Ascensus, Coffin Texts, Insanity, Repulsion, Atheist, Obituary, Condemned, Retch, Malignancy, Inherit Disease, Unmerciful, Napalm Death, Jungle Rot, Desolation, Deicide, Putrid Pile, Dying Fetus, Whitechapel, Job For A Cowboy, Fear Factory, Pathology & many others!  For more information on Rott, click here.

ROTTING DECAY (updated 11-21-2011)
Rotting Decay was formed in 2006 with members Octavio (vocals/guitars), Jae (bassist) and Kenny (drummer).  Our influences of music are Black, Death, Folk, Power, Speed, Thrash and Grind Metal.  Rotting Decay has been playing shows for 4 long years in places like the Cobalt Cafe, Relax Bar, The Fox Bar (In Las Vegas), The Air Conditioned Club, The Whiskey, El Conquicador Bar, Friar Tux and many private shows!  For more information and music, click here.

RUSTY EYE (updated 11-23-2011)
Rusty Eye is a LA based heavy metal band with unique sounds and introspective, mind challenging messages.  Their signature style could be described as an interesting blend of various Heavy Metal styles with a touch of Horror influence.

They have 12 years in the making of music, coming to life under times of political stress in Mexico City in 1995 by US citizens raised abroad.  Since their relocation to the City of Angels in 2004, Rusty Eye was ranked on Music Connection's Music Industry list of "Top 100 unsigned bands of 2006".  They were also awarded "Best Heavy Metal Single of the Year" (LA Music Awards 2006), Best Male Bass Player 2006 and Best Female Drummer 2005 (by LA Magazine "Rock City News").  Their drummer Miss Randall was a finalist at NAMM 2007 "World's Fastest Drummer Competition" reaching 728 double kick hits in one minute.  Miss Randall is also endorsed by Danmar Percussion Products (Vinnie Paul, Arch Enemy, Lamb of God, Motorhead).  To this date, Rusty Eye has produced 4 U.S. releases (plus 12 foreign demo releases).

SANGRE (updated 11-23-2011)
Sangre has made their mark and a name for themselves in the Southern California Metal Scene for nearly 10 years by their unmatched work ethic and longevity in an ever-changing revolving door of bands and trends.

Hard work & perseverence has lead to huge opportunities and endorsements such as a Jagermeister sponsorship.  Within a year of their apprentice sponsorship Sangre rapidly moved up to a full level sponsorship and earned a slot on the "2010 Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival" in Southern California.  The festival was shared with top acts such as Korn, Rob Zombie, Lamb of God, Chimaira and Hatebreed.  Mayhem Fest has been the most exhilarating performance in the bands career thus far.  Sangre commanded the crowd of over 5,000 metal fans, inciting mosh pits & crowd surfing.  Fans flocked to their merchandise booth after the performance for a meet & greet, poster signings, photos with the band and to purchase Sangre shirts, cd's, and other merch.  Their performance also caught the attention of local media which wrote about the band in several articles online & in print.

Sangre has performed at some of Southern California's most notable venues such as The Hollywood Palladium opening for Suicidal Tendencies & Biohazard, The Key Club, Roxy Theater, Whisky A Go Go, The Viper Room, House Of Blues (OC & Hollywood), The Grove, and Galaxy Theater just to name a few.  They've had the privilege of opening for National & International acts such as Sepultura, Soilwork, Soulfly, Suffocation, Gojira, Brujeria, Fear Factory, God Forbid, Prong, Job For A Cowboy, and many more!.  Sangre has toured through 12 states and Mexico playing countless venues, clubs, bars, and festivals to thousands of fans.  For more information on Sangre, click here.

SAVE OUR SOULS (updated 05-20-2012)
Save Our Souls (SOS) is an American progressive metal band formed in 2010 by lead singer George William, drummer Jason D'Amelio and guitarist Julian Ken.  In 2012 Save Our Souls released a 4-song EP entitled Animal.  Currently Grammy winner Pete Griffin of Zappa Plays Zappa has taken up the role of bassist in the band.  The band is currently playing Los Angeles are shows.  For more information on Save Our Souls, click here.

SERPENT UNDERGROUND (updated 12-23-2011)
Throughout the years, Serpent Underground has played across America including the Gothstock Festival in Hartford CT and the San Diego State Fair.  They have played with numerous national acts such as Dragonforce, Five Finger Death Punch, Asesino, The Dreaming and most recently Powerman 5000.  They were first runner up in the 2006 Bodog Battle of the Bands and the Nitrorocks Ultimate Battle.  In 2007 Serpent Underground was nominated in 3 categories for the Rock City News Rockies Awards and was awarded 2 of them.  The nominations include:
• Best Metal Band ~ Serpent Underground (AWARDED)
• Best Male Drummer ~ Rich Costa (AWARDED)
• Best Male Front Man ~ Ralph Buso

SEVERIS (added 06-29-2014)
Severis is a death metal band from California, who's influences include Suffocation,  Death, Grave among others.  Currently a three piece striving to make music that moves masses.  For more information on Severis, click here.

SHADOWS ENTWINED (updated 11-23-2011)
We are Shadows Entwined; a Los Angeles based Dark Power Metal band.  This new breed of sub-genre consists of the musical heaviness of Black/Death Metal and the strong and memorable melodies of classic heavy metal.  In fact, we are the only Dark Power Metal act in existence in the states or even the world.  Our influences stem from melodic giants such as, Helloween and Stratovarius; the musical brutality of Dimmu Borgir and the heart stopping live show of Iron Maiden.

In 3 years we have already released a 5 song EP called "Nightmares Made Flesh" and a full length CD, compellingly named "Divine Darkness", which has not disappointed the review critics.  Since the release of our latest CD's, we have toured several times nationally throughout 2009 and 2010; all the while performing sold out shows with likes of Stratovarius, Hammerfall, Sonata Arctica and GammaRay.  You see, commanding a crowd of thousands is not the issue for us.  Our goal is to enslave millions of metal heads to be our faithful followers in the decades to come.

Not only has Shadows Entwined performed over a hundred shows, we have won several battle of the bands in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas.  We are being played on Internet metal shows' regular rotation.  Our CD's are selling exponentially throughout the USA, Mexico, South America, and Japan.  We also offer Internet downloads via Itunes, Napster, Rhapsody, and  New and exciting things are underway for 2011 as Shadows Entwined will be releasing their 3rd CD called "Pathway To Infinity", which is set to release very soon.  Let the Shadows consume you!

SILENT SHOT (updated 11-23-2011)
Silent Shot is a junction of metal and rock striving from North Hollywood.  Established in the summer of 2006, Silent Shot has played numerous shows in the Hollywood, Valley, and Riverside metal scene areas.  Based upon having no boundaries in creating and performing, our style has given us a good reputation in the metal, hardcore, and rock genre.

Silent Shot is very dedicated to writing, performing, and promoting ourselves not only for the love of it, but also for the creativeness of music we can pound through your head!!

SINICLE (updated 11-24-2011)
Sinicle is a power trio metal band who brings excitement, tension, and aggression to their live performances and songwriting.  Their music is a unique breed of Metal with hard hitting grooves, extensive solos, screaming and singing, and an attitude to change the face of rock.

Formed in Reno NV, Sinicle recently relocated in Los Angeles CA to attend The Musicians Institute and to Expand their audience.  Influences include Pantera, Sabbath, Metallica, but are not limited to metal.  Metal has it coming.

SIRION (added 10-09-2011)
Sirion is a melodic metal band hailing from Los Angeles, started in 2007 by guitarist Emilio Hoschet under the name Bloodsteel.  After a series of lineup changes the band found its current members: drummer Bondor, keyboardist Rob Rosen, bass player Joey Linahon, singer Biko Wright, and lead guitarist Daniel Serper and after settling its sound Bloodsteel re-emerged as Sirion.  Since then the band has been playing in L.A.  and surrounding areas, Orange County, and hope to play many more shows around California and the U.S.  For more information Sirion, visit them at Facebook.

SLANDERUS (added 07-08-2014)
Slanderus is a progressive metal band straight out of the Inland Empire, with members from San Bernardino, Upland, Ontario and Loma Linda.  Founded and formed by lead guitarist (and backing vocalist), Jason Kennedy, who also creates the music that is overloaded with heavy, yet intricate guitar solos- mesmerizing riffs and flawless breakdowns.  Drummer, Nathanil Tabor, plays his set like it's a part of him- with an ease that says "this comes more naturally to me than speaking"- every count is melodic, yet powerful and compelling, played with an unparalleled passion.  Bassist, Adrian Smith, lets loose on his bass guitar with fat, yet mellow and authoritative riffs- commanding a rhythmic groove.  Last, but certainly not least, Allen Alamillo- our lead vocalist, uses painfully honest lyrics in combination with an innately sincere tone and impressive pitches that just pulls you in.  Round off all this talent, with the energy that we pack into every one of our shows, you're in for one hell of a night!  For more information on Slanderus, click here.
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SLEEPING WITH ANGELS (updated 11-24-2011)
Formed in June of 2007, Sleeping with Angels continues to grow stronger than ever before.  Already one year of being together, the band has accomplished so much including landing a gig at The World Famous Whisky a Go Go as their 2nd gig and so much more.  With opportunities like these, it gave them a chance to expand their capabilities then they ever imagined.  The band became one of the best local acts people have ever seen and heard in a while.  Little by little wiping out trends, and destroying everyone that comes to their way.  The sound of the band is very distinctive, capturing the sound of their influences such as Black Sabbath, Danzig, Kiss, Judas Priest, Type o Negative, and so much more.  But at the same time, they are also original, distinctive and creative in their very own way.  The band is currently being played in several radio stations, attracting a lot attention from venues, promoters, A&R's, and so much more.  The band plans to bring down the current trend to make way for a new one.  To bring back the style of 70‘s rock but also everything that is original.

SORAYA (updated 11-20-2011)
This band is out to change how people look at metal and strive to be one of the best.  We want to show people that metal isn't all about break downs and screams that it can be an art form and one of the toughest types of music to master.  For more information on Soraya, click here.

SORIZON (added 05-25-2011)
Sorizon is a metal band that makes each of its songs a unique listening experience.  You may hear adventure and exploration one moment while despair and devastation wait for you right around the corner.  Sorizon's goal is to create metal that connects to the audience to reveal a story, even before the lyrics are known and reveal the true tale.  Sorizon is able to combine elements you would hear from death, prog, power and everything metal in between.  For more information and to hear their music, visit

SOULBLEED (added 01-30-2007, checked 06-18-2014)
SOULBLEED was formed and taken on by four members who have been true to their roots-Heavy Metal.  Dave Rubenhold, Steve Marshall, Elaina Bangma, and Josh Kane strive to create music that is powerful, raw, melodic at times yet always against the grain and always metal.
SOULBLEED has always been about the music first and foremost without relying on gimmicks or conforming to current trends.  This band thrives on giving metal fans what they want and provides something for everyone.

SUNSET NATION (added 03-27-2011)
We are musicians.  We are storytellers.  We are our own producers.
We are patriots.  We bow down to no one.  We stand alone.  We are loved by millions.
We are hated by more.  We are the Future of Heavy Metal.

SYREBRIS (added 06-17-2014)
Progressive Death Metal from Los Angeles, Syrebris is bringing back an old-school sound reminiscent of Death and Cynic with a heavier twist.  Their lyrics are based on concepts such as the nature of reality, spirituality, realms of consciousness, enlightenment, as well as the dark side of human nature.  Their 7 track EP titled "Aetheric Dynamics" is currently available at  For more information on Syrebris, click here.
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TAKING OVER (updated 11-24-2011)
Taking Over was formed in July 2007 by elimination.  The band was formed to continue the destruction he was doing for his previous band and continue playing fast ugly thrash metal.  We have played with many great bands and conquered many stages with our attack.  With many line up changes the band has been progressing slowly but we have no plans to stop.  We play what influences us which is old hardcore punk, 80's thrash metal and black metal.  Check us out if you like either of the three.

TAZUMAL (updated 11-25-2011)
Tazumal has shared the stage with many of the influences that makes Metal what it is today.  Tazumal is the hardest working band in Southern California.  We are a strong, committed and intense band. It shows in our Aggressive Guitar Riffs, Violent Blast Beats and the pure Brutality of our Music.  We have shared the stage with some of the greatest bands such as Cannibal Corpse, Kreator, Napalm Death, Exhumed, Hypocrisy, Vile, Brujeria, Exodus, Cattle Decapitation, Suffocation, Behemoth, Deicide, Cryptopsy, Ed Guy, Krisiun, Hate Eternal, OverKill and Vader to name a few.

THORNS OF SIN (updated 11-25-2011)
Well produced Blackened/Melodic Metal for listeners of Death, Cradle of Filth, Megadeth, Dissection, The Absence, Dark Tranquility, Testament.

Thorns of sin is quality guitar work, shreddy solos, technical drumming and strong song writing that appeals to most true fans of the metal spectrum.  Definitely not a musical act to be ignored.

TORMENT ID (updated 11-25-2011)
Torment Id started in 2007 and has been pushing the envelope of metal ever since.  Now a 3 piece, Torment Id has once again taken the stage by storm, having played with Goatwhore, God Dethroned, Origin, and many other local bands.

We have given the metal community something different to listen to Blackened Death Metal.  In the most raw, aggressive form.  An amalgam of Immortal, Celtic Frost, Dark Funeral, Nile and Vader.  We create our sound based on our taste for brutal metal.  That is Torment Id.

TORMENTER (updated 11-25-2011)
ToRmenTeR is a 5-piece Thrash/Speed Metal Entity bent on full-blown domination and will crush anyone in their way.  With influences ranging from the NWOBHM and 80's Thrash Metal Bands, ToRmenTeR has honed a sound of their own over the past year.  ToRmenTeR has played many shows on many different stages with several great bands and plans to continue this.

UNDER THE STONE (updated 11-25-2011)
Comprised of five individuals with their own unique musical visions, Under The Stone thrives off of the collaboration between each of its members.  Taking influence from every possible genre of music, the resulting blend will hold something for every heavy music connoisseur.  Running the gamut from chaos and aggression to the utter despair of the soul, the full range of human emotions is explored in the music of Under The Stone.

UNHOLY LUST (updated 11-25-2011)
The band originally formed in 1999 under the name Los Winoes.  Like many bands starting out they played backyard shows and smaller venues, but as their musical influences grew so did they as a band.  Playing bigger venues with bigger bands brought about their name change in 2005.

Now as Unholy Lust they soon released the first official Demo "Natas Fo Snos" (2005).  Currently promoting the first full length album "Taste The Sin Through The Fire" (2010), Unholy Lust is considered to be one of the front runners of the Los Angeles Death Metal scene.

THE VEIL BETWEEN (added 12-27-2012)
The Veil Between is a multi award winning band that has toured throughout the west, released an EP as well as a full length album, and has been aired on numerous radio stations and podcasts such as X103.9 and The Heidi and Frank Show.  The Veil Between has played at world famous venues such as The Key Club, The Whiskey A Go Go, The Dragonfly, The Rainbow Room, and the House of Blues just to name a few.  Having performed with such acts as All Shall Perish, As Blood Runs Black, Bleeding Through, Stick To Your Guns, Apathy, A Static Lullaby, All Hail The Yeti, and Carnifex, The Veil Between has built a following spanning across the country and established a name for their power and talent.

With another full length album on the way The Veil Between has proved to be THE act to follow.  For more information on The Veil Between, click here.

VESTERIAN (updated 11-25-2011)
Vesterian is Violent Blackmetal formed in 1996 by Verigo Calegerio.  Vesterian performs true, serious and interesting Blackmetal for those who favor Old Dark Throne, Dark Funeral, Setherial, Mutiilation.  No commercial/mainstream influences or crossover musical styles.  This is strictly Violent Blackmetal for the coming Warage.

VISCERA (updated 11-25-2011)
Viscera plays straight up, no bullshit thrash metal from the darkest depths of their spiteful hearts.

Formed in late 2007 by brothers Ralph and Chris Booze on vocals, bass, and guitar, Viscera originally featured the drumming of Carlos Chincha, descendent of the ancient Inca.  Shortly after formation the band recorded a four track demo, "Incapacitated," released June 2008.

Since relocating to Los Angeles, the band has expanded its lineup and developed a ferocious musical assault.  Viscera is quickly gaining a reputation within the local metal scene for their formidable live show and intense musicianship.

VLAD (added 05-20-2012)
A Horror Themed Death Metal band founded by the lead singer, "Slaughterhouse", and co-founded by the bassist "Rivertroll".  They focus on making heavy 90's American/Swedish Death Metal sounding riffs with strange mixups of Jazz and Funk inspiration.  All songs and attire that they wear on stage is inspired by classic Horror Movies.  For more information on Vlad, click here.

VOICES OF RUIN (added 12-30-2010, checked 06-18-2014)
Voices of Ruin is an original metal band from Southern California.  Forging elements from all ranges of the metal spectrum, they strive to create original tunes that are both memorable and aggressive.  Their songs demonstrate lightning-fast riffs, catchy melodies, progressive song writing, ripping solos, and the blackened vocal style of their charismatic frontman.

Be sure to check out Voices of Ruin's debut full length album 'Into Oblivion'.  They can be seen playing devastating live sets across California and soon the world.

WARBRINGER (added 11-25-2011)
Formed in late 2004, Warbringer set out to show the local metal scene that Warbringer was a force to be reckoned with, playing no-holds barred rip-roaring thrash metal.  After a 4-song demo and tons of shows with fellow ragers like Merciless Death, Fueled By Fire, Hirax, Dekapitator, and Toxic Holocaust, Warbringer released "One by One the Wicked Fall" EP in October of 2006.  Later that year, Warbringer had the privilege of signing to one of the most respected heavy metal labels in the world, Century Media.

Warbringer recorded their debut album, "War Without End" in the fall of '07 with Mr.  Bill Metoyer (Slayer, Fates Warning, Sacred Reich, Hallows Eve) and went on to appear on a few compilation albums such as Speed Kills...Again, Metal For the Masses 6 and Thrashing Like a Maniac comp with some of the best acts around like Municipal Waste, Toxic Holocaust and Evile.

Warbringer has been honing their live show into a violent thrash assault touring the US with Exodus, Goatwhore and Arsis in January/February; Nile, Suicide Silence, The Faceless and Unexpected in March/April; Europe with Napalm Death and Suffocation in May/June, a week of headline shows in the UK with Gama Bomb, and back to Europe in August with Sworn Enemy and All Shall Perish, which kicked off with our performance at Wacken Open Air, another US/Canadian tour with Finntroll and finally in October supporting Overkill.

WHITE WIZZARD (added 06-01-2011)
White Wizzard is resurrecting heavy metal - combining what people love about classic acts like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Dio while playing their music in a manner that lacks parody.  Their debut full-length album, "Over The Top", features nine tracks of hook-laden riffs, catchy melodies and real singing, proving that true metal is once again on the rise and White Wizzard are leading the charge.

For more information on White Wizzard, visit them at facebook or view them at YouTube (click here).

WINTERTHRALL (added 09-26-2009, checked 06-18-2014)
Combining some of LA and Orange Countys most destructive metal forces, Winterthrall brings the European blackened death sound stateside.  Having been in such influential acts as Evil Dead, Noctuary, and Deathevokation, the members of Winterthrall sought out to form their own unique metal vision in late 2001.  8 years stronger, and with 3 critically acclaimed releases, Winterthrall remains never compromising, ever evolving, and refusing to be pigeon-holed in style or influenced by trends.  Let us drown out the sun with the blood of our discontent.

XANTHOCHROID (added 05-16-2012, checked 06-18-2014)
From Lake Forest, Xanthochroid is a band unlike any you have ever heard.  Xanthochroid is an Epic Black Metal band that strives to produce the most sophisticated and enthralling compositions in the metal scene today.  Taking influence from bands like Emperor, Opeth, Moonsorrow, Wintersun, and many others; Xanthochroid combines many styles into a blackened cloud of legendary metal might.  Not for the casual listener, but for the true metal connoisseur who demands more depth, more detail, and more musicality than what is out there today.  Xanthochroid's music demands repeat listening and a discerning ear.