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To be listed on the 'SoCal Bands' page, bands must meet the following citeria:
  • The band MUST be an ORIGINAL band (not a cover/tribute).
  • The band MUST be from Southern California.
  • The band MUST have a website. Can't afford a real website with your own domain name? You can one for FREE from or Do it!
  • The band MUST have at least two of their songs online. Can't afford to stream your music online? See item 3 above.
  • The band MUST be METAL, not a dub-step, grunge, country, jazz, alternative fusion band with minuscule elements of Metal mixed in.
  • The band MUST be on active performance status; the band has to have played a show within a year's time.
If your band that meets the above citeria, please fill out the form below.
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